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It's My Nature by TK - album cover

It's My Nature

Studio recordings of 16 new songs from TK.




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Top Secret by TK - album cover

Top Secret

Twelve songs featuring a variety of styles from spirit rock to blues to new age pop, featuring some original lyrics from Jingles Gandharva Dasa as well.

Enjoy contemporary music with words that actually mean something.


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Mayapur by TK - album cover


This is the best of the first four albums from Krishnautix.
(Try to Understand, Simply Surrender, Hold on, All Souled Out.)

A collection of original songs you'll soon be singing along with.


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Good Time by TK - album cover

Good Time

Studio recording with upbeat music, lots of maha mantra and numerous guest musicians make this an outstanding  masterpiece. 



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Vrindavan Melodies by TK - album cover

Vrindavan Melodies

Needs description


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Unplugged by TK - album cover


This is a solo performance with acoustic guitar and voice,  recorded live in front of an  enthusiastic audience.



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Live in Moscow by TK - album cover

Live in Moscow

Traditional bhajans, original songs, and remixed favorites from Titiksava Karunika Dasa.

Accompanied by acoustic guitar, violin, and kartals, these wonderful songs will have you singing along. Recoded live in Moscow.


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Transcendence by TK - album cover

Transcendence Live!

A fast-paced fusion of traditional bhajanas and original songs set to modern rock music. Remixed favorites, traditional bhajans, and new songs create an album that will have you rocking.


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