The Magic Crystal

The Magic Crystal by Titiksava Karunika

Family Adventure Movie!

An exciting and entertaining story for kids and kids at heart!

Selected at Oceanside International Film Festival!

Children love it!


“The Magic Crystal” was shown at Oceanside International Film Festival. This was a historic event as this film is one of the first original screen play, contemporary dramatic films made by an ISKCON devotee.

With action, adventure, special effects and a touch of humor this film aimed at kids and kids at heart, is sure to be a huge hit with the new generation of children in the Krishna Consciousness movement as well as anyone who likes to see a fun movie.

Special Thanks
to all the wonderful Devotees from Seattle Temple, who made it possible to print this movie on DVD !


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Scenes from the Magic Crystal by Titiksava Karunika

The Magic Crystal: A self centered, materialistic boy (Bhima Plummer) and his devoted younger sister (Govinda Plummer) find themselves in possession of The Magic Crystal. The Magic Crystal is the source of immense wealth to anyone who possesses it. The temptation of using it for ones selfish whims are great and very dangerous. Now they have to deliver it to it’s rightful place.

Through a series of life changing events, such as an out of body experience, meeting a mystic yogi (Damodar Regmi), and being chased by Kung Fu martial artist villains (Sihing David and Cheri Dragan) they find that The Magic Crystal is not the most important thing in life.

Run Time 60 minutes.


Official Trailer

List of organized Showings:

Premiere at Escondido Kung Fu, Yoga & Tai Chi Studio    March 21, 2009

New Vrindavan at Festival of Inspiration
   May 10, 2009

Oceanside International Film Festival
   October 16, 2009
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Seattle, Vedic Cultural Center - 2009

India, Mayapur: February - 2010

India, Vrindavana: March - 2010

Several private showings and viewings - 2010/11



"The Magic Crystal" was shown to both, Krishna Devotees  and the general public, audiences (see list of Showings above).
Very good reviews were received by ALL. This film was targeted towards children and they especially loved it ! At several locations a second showing was requested. There are many more splendid reviews....too many to list them all.


"Hey TK. We saw your blockbuster. Some very nice moments…especially the end where music is going and Bhima is twirling around with the chaddar. "
Yadubhara Dasa
"Wonderful accomplishment!"
Dravida Dasa
"I showed the magic crystal movie to the group at one of my programs and they all seemed to enjoy it quite a bit.  It was nicely done and captured the mood of Bhakti! VERY Sweet! "
Mayesvara Dasa
Director American Vedic Association
"Buy the DVD Magic Crystal by TK. It’s a scene you will never forget.
Vidura 9 years old
"Hare Krishna all, and got your dvd The Magic Crystal. Truly great job T.K! I was impressed with the fact that you got out there and ran around with the camera. Especially the chase segment... really professional looking.
Actually, your family did a much better job of acting, especially your wife, than I had expected... them not being trained actors and all... but everyone acted naturally which turned out really cool and believable. The martial arts villians were a crack up. It seemed that they had acting training. Overall I enjoyed how you mixed Krsna Consiousness with your story.
Fantastic job of sticking to the story line and getting all the necessary shots to make the story flow. The continuity was well done. Well, best of luck on your next endeavor. Hope all is going well and everyone is healthy. I can only imagine how much more vivid the hd footage looks. The dvd was good quality, but you and I know that one loses a little quality on the transfer. Once again fantastic job! Great example of team effort and even those banditos in Mexico. It was quite realistic how you filmed it all.   That scene was a little scary, seriously. And by the way... that's a lot of locations, prabhu!!!!!! And all with one camera! Hare Krishna, and keep up the good work."
Anadi Dasa
Producer of many plays at Los Angeles Temple - Venice Ratha-yatra
Tribute to Titiksava Karunika...Click here to view
Vaikuntha Murti Dasa

Making of the Magic Crystal

There have been many KC documentaries and even films of the Mahabarat, Ramayan or other pastimes of the Lord but very few if any contemporay dramatic films made by the members of ISKCON have surfaced.

We have to hit people on all fronts and films are the most popular form of entertainment going. The people in general don’t read as many books as they used to and TV, films and internet are more or less the way people get to know about things and at the same time be entertained.

With little resources and a lot of help from our friends we set out to create a movie that would have Krishna in the center and at the same time be something any kid on the block could watch and be entertained.