“TK’s wonderful musical talents, devotion and his enthusiasm to illuminate people’s hearts is a beautiful gift to the world.”

Radhanath Swami, Author & Spiritual Teacher

“TK has that unique gift of being both devotional and professional! His songs, lyrics and music are inspiration pure—for the ears, the mind, the heart and the soul. I am sure, Krishna and the spiritual teachers also feel inspired. May TK keep inspiring the world with his rocking Krishna sound!”

Gaura-lila Dasa, Lyricist and Music producer (Co-writer of Sridham Mayapur Song), Zurich, Switzerland

“TK and Namrock succeed to touch the heart of their public, because their important message comes from personal realization deep in their hearts. The timeless, ancient wisdom they share with their music has the fascination of deep philosophy presented through the media of high-class, modern rock music—an unique experience!”

Astasiddhi dd (Anneliese Muntau) , Stockholm, Sweden

“TK is one of the most inspiring devotional musicians I have ever had the honor of seeing. His creativity, love, devotion, and joy shine through in all of his songs and he is a true spiritual pioneer. Namrock rocks!!!”

Jason Rotman , Laguna Beach, USA

“Last Thursday evening was exceptional as it included the musical group Namrock, which I have to say, takes the cake. These guys really excelled. Not only incredible musicianship, exceeding all the other groups I’ve heard there, but they had intelligent, mind-provoking lyrics ensconced in accessible popular idioms. The audience loved them, I loved them, and it was a rare treat!”

Richard VW , Music Producer, Director of World Meditation Ensemble, Seattle, USA

“Someone gave me TK’s album, Top Secret…and I thought this is the best music I’ve ever heard. One of my favorite songs is “Freedom.” It’s like Hendrix, just with Krishna Conscious content. At the event I organized in Cross Maidan, Mumbai 2005 thousands of people attended, young and old, everyone jumped to TK’s music. I hope we can repeat that all over the planet…”

Sam Speersta, Prospector, close friend of George Harrison

“What makes Namrock music so special is the expert synthesis of composition, poetry, and perfect philosophy. The beautiful melodies and dynamic rhythm attract the ear, while TK’s lyrics uplift both the mind and heart. That is something extraordinary.”

Syamali dd , Alachua, USA

“TK has been attending some Festivals in Brazil and no doubt his songs have captivated the hearts of so many people around. His songs take us so far away from the material existence and provide us the opportunity to do both, enjoy Rock’n roll and Krishna consciousness. In Brazil, we love TK!”

Vaikuntha Murti Dasa , Festival of India Association (Brazil)

“TK has been empowered to deliver the ancient music of mantra meditation to contemporary audiences. At our annual Festival of Colors in Utah he gets 10,000 college students dancing as if there is no tomorrow.”

Caru Dasa , Holi Fest Organizer, Utah, USA

“TK is one of the most genuine, spiritual, and soulful artists that I have had the pleasure of meeting. I hold him in high regards next to George Harrison. He has a way with words and melodies that inject you with great feelings of joy! If he comes to town I wouldn’t miss a once in a lifetime experience to be at his concert!”

Zoe Alexander , Owner/Lead Singer The Money Band/Mix It Up Productions

“TK’s talents are manifold. I’ve spent literally months on end listening to his Vrindavana Melodies CD. I’ve seen him in person and marveled at his musical talent, accompanying himself on electric guitar.”

Patita Pavana Das

“TK has a great stage presence and is expert at getting the audience absorbed in his attractive musical presentations and the chanting of the holy names. I have always looked forward to playing with him at gatherings and festivals and watching him work his magic.”

Guna Grahi Swami , Argentina

“TK is a performer who is a joy to be around. He doesn’t just “do” the stage show, he is there for the entire event and if you are fortunate enough to include his entire family, that is another big “plus!” He has been a key participant and member of the Festival of Inspiration for several years now and I hope he will continue!”

Malati Devi Dasi , Iskcon GBC, Founder & Organizer of Festival of Inspiration, USA


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