Titiksava Karunika Das aka TK is the lead singer, songwriter and guitarist for the Namrock Band. Namrock plays rock music in the style of 60’s and 70’s rock and roll with uplifting lyrics and also employs the use of sacred mantras. Mantras are used to elevate the consciousness of the listener. Sacred sound vibration in a rock candy coated package.

TK is a transcendental poet who wrote over 200 songs in English lyrics revealing ancient teachings from the Vedas from his personal realizations.

TK’s profound lyrics and his melodious chanting take the audience to the spiritual realm, where: “Every word is a song and every step a dance” This method of meditation satisfies the intellect as well as the heart of the listener.

Thomas Plummer / Tommy Kind

Thomas Plummer was born in Santa Monica, California and started playing guitar at the age of 11. In the late 1970’s he was playing in a band called “Smokestack Lightning” which was playing the club circuit around the San Francisco bay area. In 1979 he joined the Hare Krishnas and, for the time being, set aside his music and engaged in self-realization and received the initiated name of Titiksava Karunika Das (servant of the tolerant and merciful sadhus).

After practicing the science of connecting one’s occupation with God Consciousness, he again took to playing the guitar and writing songs but this time with the idea of helping people to make progress on their spiritual path. In 1984 he started the band “Krishnautix”. Krishnautix produced four contemporary spiritually potent albums. Mantra Rock had come of age.

TK is inspired by other artists such as George Harrison, Sting, Krsna Prema, Mangalananda and many others who are on the spiritual path and using their music to inspire others to do the same. Sacred music is where it’s at. All of the arts are really meant to glorify the Supreme. Anything other than that simply diverts us from the path.

In 1992 he was asked to join the Gauranga Bhajan Band who had been doing concert tours in the eastern European block and the former Soviet Union. The Iron curtain had just come down and the two things that the former communist regime feared the most was western rock music and religion. The Gauranga Bhajan Band had both.

The tour was a huge success, culminating in Moscow with a concert in the biggest stadium in Russia. The one where the 1990 Olympic Games were held. Over 30,000 people attended and everybody was into the chanting of the holy names to the sound of mantra rock. The crowd was ecstatic. Boy George who shared the bill, said it was the best concert he had ever experienced. It was a mantra rock experience.

TK did two more tours with the GBB one in Poland and another in former Yugoslavia both of which were highly successful. In 1993 he decided to move to Europe to be closer to the band’s activities. He made two albums with them. Unfortunately the group shortly thereafter broke up.
Next he headed up a group in Slovenia called “Transcendence” who toured extensively around the country in 1994 and 1995. These were smaller shows at town squares attended by 200 to 2,000 people but were a great experience none the less. The first year the band toured, the local temple boasted 17 new full time members. And the mood was the best it had ever been. “We had a real preaching spirit and that was the ecstasy doing these mantra rock concerts “. Transcendence made three albums. Two studio and one live.

In 1996 he got married to Saci Mata and moved to the Chateau Bellevue, France to get some peace from the rigorous ways of the road. He got his own studio together and again started to produce. Also he began to do more solo concerts. In ’97 he moved again. This time to the beautiful Adriatic coast town of Pula, Croatia near the Italian border. Stayed there for about 3 years and finished the album “Top Secret’ with “NAMROCK”. Now he’s based back in the States and gigging world wide with the Namrock band.


Year Album Band
1986 Try To Understand Krishnautix
1987 Simply Surrender Krishnautix
1989 All Souled Out Krishnautix
1991 Hold On Krishnautix
1992 Vrndavan Melodies TK in Vrndavan, all Maha Mantra traditional bhajan
1993 Blazing In The Fire Sankirtan ’93
1994 Chant Gauranga Bhajan Band (w/Harikesa & Krsna Prema)
1995 For Your Pleasure Bliss (TK sang some songs on Harikesa’s album)
1996 Rock For Spirit Transcendence (Never Released)
1996 Good Time Krishnautix
1997 Mayapur Krishnautix (Best of first four Krishnautix albums)
1998 Top Secret Namrock
1999 Ultimatum Krishnautix (a bunch of previously unreleased material from all over the place
2007 It’s My Nature Namrock (Studio Recordings, 16 tracks)